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Why is this THATCamp different from every other THATCamp?

I’d like to have a quick brainstorming session to collect (and share) ideas about the specific aspects of Digital Humanities that pertain to Jewish Studies. Are there any, or do they all fold under the general scope of the humanities? … Continue reading

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Digital Mediums and Digital Literacies

I have become increasingly interested in three interrelated areas: 1) employing digital technologies in the classroom (iPads and Prezis); 2) utilizing digital spaces to open collaborative research projects (Comment Press); and 3) examining technology as a medium.  The relations among … Continue reading

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Making Jews in the Digital Humanities

I would like to propose a session in which THATCampers could discuss the relationship between Jewish Studies and recent debates about race and ethnicity in digital humanities.  I am particularly interested in talking about how certain platforms (digital archives, gaming, … Continue reading

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