DigiBaeck and how to apply the assets

After 5 years of preparation, Leo Baeck Institute launched its digital archives, DigiBaeck, on October 16, to make fully accessible all of the documents and collections in the Archives pertaining to the German speaking Jewish world. I am curious to discuss and learn about possibilities of applying those holdings to the various branches of the educational field, how to reach out to different communities and to connect with similar or not so similar projects.

By digitizing the entire archive and not selectively prioritizing according to criteria of importance, the full spectrum of historical documentation can be explored and applied. In a world of constantly changing cultural paradigms, how do we anticipate usage of materials and exploration of topics? How can we recognize and integrate the needs of the different user constituencies?

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I am the archivist at Leo Baeck Institute since 1984; PhD in history; research and publications in modern German history; project manager and/or supervisor for digital catalog of LBI Archives and digital archives, DigiBaeck;

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  1. great questions! I am looking forward to this session.

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