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Please evaluate THATCamp Jewish Studies

Thanks, all, for coming to THATCamp Jewish Studies, and particular thanks to Natasha Perlis for her help in putting it together and to Rona Sheramy for (among other things) getting us an extra projector at the last minute. Please take … Continue reading

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Mediating Online Content and Countering Assumptions: An Exemplary Site

During Laura Leibman’s session on Jewish identity and the digital humanities, we discussed the potential of information technology, online content, and applications to either perpetuate or counter ideas about racial categories. When viewing films or using online archives, it is … Continue reading

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Sharing teaching and research tools

How about sharing those tools we find useful when teaching and researching?  It has become clear to me by reading people’s suggestions for panels, that I am not aware of all the tools people are using.  Come ready to share … Continue reading

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Making Jews in the Digital Humanities

I would like to propose a session in which THATCampers could discuss the relationship between Jewish Studies and recent debates about race and ethnicity in digital humanities.  I am particularly interested in talking about how certain platforms (digital archives, gaming, … Continue reading

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